Monday, July 20, 2009

Laugh or Cry??

I recently ordered a new batch of business cards and mailing labels from 'Company XYZ' (name changed to protect my *ss) Their marketing and signage page caught my eye and in no time, I had uploaded a nice design using my own photo images for a market banner to use at shows, etc. The price was extremely reasonable. The banner looked lovely on the preview page and I kept getting what seemed to be personalized pop up boxes suggesting that I had uploaded a "NICE DESIGN!" with "GREAT PHOTO RESOLUTION!". After I jumped through all of their specification hoops, I was given another chance to use this same image on a T-shirt, mug or tote bag. I ordered one T-shirt. I waited two weeks for the banner and the shirt. They finally came today and I was thrilled by the quality of the Tshirt and the reproduction of images. Really sweet. When I unrolled the banner I saw the same great quality on the photos and font, until I saw the entire text line. Now look at this closely...what do you get when you overlap FARM & AT?? yeah....This sign isn't get me more than alotta big laughs from my customers !! I spent most of the afternoon trying to get this squared away with their customer service department. Bottom line...sneaky bottom line, though it is my fault. My loss. I'll spare you all the boring details here but Dang it!I was so mad trying to understand how the Tshirt is fine and the banner is trash. However, every single time I look at that crazy text, I laugh again. Costly humor, that banner!!


Clare said...

Better to laugh, Sue, but geez, how can it be YOUR fault... if they got one right, but not the other? That needs some 'splaing!

Aquarian Bath said...

That sucks. I would cut out a slick of the white part from one of the ends, and just patch over that messed up FARMT mess. I don't really understand how this happened. Was the file that you sent to them not all one file including the text and photos?

Susan Hess said...

Let's just call it the ongoing battle between PC's and MAC's and leave it at that! Also the website sports nice big 'preview' buttons and teeny tiny 'proof' buttons. Silly me, I thought preview meant preview...but, apparently, the proof was in the proof. grrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Aside from how it "reads", the rest is great! I would just patch that spot and give it a little homespun twist with "The Farm at...(in cursive). Might work
for a "creative save" and not cost too much! Do you have an airbrush?

Good luck! Otherwise , just beautiful!Bramble

Patricia said...

That just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I hope you are able to save it with a 'patch'. Thank goodness you can laugh and are not crying!
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Kiva Rose said...

ack, you're giving me nightmares... I've to figure all this stuff out for conference goodies, and I SO don't need a similar thing happening. If you end up working with a company you really like please be sure to recommend them to us :)

Sorry about the slip-up, I've been through this a lot with book design and art prints and all kinda stuff in recent history.


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