Monday, July 20, 2009

Making Elderflower Syrup

This is a repost from last summer. The simple syrup recipe remains the same but the pleasure is always new again! We thoroughly enjoyed the elderflower syrup this past weekend in the "Homestead Herbalism, Too" class and also made lemon verbena and lavender blossom syrups as well. There are a limited amount of freshly bottled syrups available for purchase, if you are interested. They are listed in the seasonal offerings section of the website. A single tablespoon of syrup over a tall glass of cracked ice and water is such a lovely refreshing treat on a hot day. Add sliced lemons or limes, if you prefer! A spoonful of the lavender syrup is amazing in a hot cup of chamomile tea. Try one or all three...The sky is the limit with the creations you can concoct! Enjoy...we sure did!

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