Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wind and Whining

Just a little while ago, I heard a huge howling wind gust. Much bigger than most of the winds blowing through here today.Next, I looked out the kitchen window to see my sweet greenhouse lift up into the air ...then smash down again, in a hundred flailing pieces. When I screamed out loud, the fellas working upstairs, dropped their tools and ran down the steps not knowing what they might find down here. All I could do was point and cry. They never hesitated, running out the door to chase after the cartwheeling pieces of metal and plastic. my... little... greenhouse. The winds still felt rather dangerous, making it hard for the guys to maintain their balance, but they persisted in getting all of the pieces secured in the barn. It gave me enough time to cry and wipe my eyes before they came back in. I got busy and called the insurance company.They went back up to finish what they were doing upstairs, cheerful and encouraging. They are good neighbors, salt of the earth, shirt off their back kinda guys.They do a good day's work and clean up after themselves. Honest, hard working guys, like big bro's, that we are really so blessed to know. I'm glad they were here.
An aside to this tale: Just yesterday, one of my sheets was blowing off the washline. These guys actually got down off a second story scaffold to run out and hang it back up before it fell in the mud....and I got it on film. Never told 'em...probably won't, either. Their buddies probably wouldn't ever let them hear the end of it. But I know...
Now, if they could work some magic with my insurance company. I just filed a tearful claim, and will just need to see if it's covered on my policy. sigh. They did mention that I am part of a 'large weather catastrophe'. Bad time of year for this to happen, with dreams of young seedlings dancing in our heads. It'll have to be replaced rather quickly if we are to accomplish our growing goals this year. Pulling my hat down hard and liftin' my chin up, here, even though it's quivering.


Peppy said...

Oh my Gosh how horrible is that!
Is it completely smashed? You really were lucky to have those guys there to coming to the rescue.

kansasrose said...

Those kind of good, big hearted dudes rock! Sending prayers for your weather to calm down and insurance to do it's thing for restoring your plant house. I fear it's gonna be a rough spring in my neck of the woods for twistah wranglin'. Just a feelin' in my gut, ya know? rock an roll on the east coast in February and March then on west in spring! Send me some prayers hon come April-June. Peak time for wind demons in Kansas, oy! :O

kansasrose said...

The winds are really howlin' now. Shingles from our roof are flying off! :/

Carla said...

bless your heart!!! Love how it takes two big grown men to hang a sheet! Those ARE good guys.


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