Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the Blink of an Eye

Happy Birthday, Emilia Green Eyes! How did you grow up to be 25 years old?
It may be the day that you celebrate your birthday, but I celebrate it as the (first) happiest day of my life.
PS. And how did you get to 25 while I stayed there?!


kansasrose said...

Yep..mother/daughter are true beauties. I love this sweet photo. Happy 25th Birthday Greeneyes!

Carla said...

perfectly said mama! Happy Birthday to your baby:)

Ellen said...

check out the 80's hair!
is the birthday gal playing with queen anne's lace? baby's breath?

Susan said...

That was Queen's Anne's Lace and my own dear mother still keeps asking me when I'm gonna cut my hair like that again. She loved me in the pixie cut.

Peppy said...

Hey I put a message on this yesterday. Saying how I really liked this picture. Can't believe where all the time has gone even since you were that size!


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