Thursday, February 12, 2009

OWOH Give-Away Winners

I'm a little late in announcing my One-World-One Heart winners today! My apologies for the suspense! I am really thrilled that 186 OWOH participants commented on the blog during the last few weeks to enter the drawing. Thanks to all who've wandered these pages. It's been a blast looking around at all of your blogs. So many truly creative people out there!
Okay, drumroll......
The Immune Broth Winner:
Linda from Journey Seeds
The Botanical Notecards Winner:
Rick from Life through My Eyes
The Laughing Crow Eye Cream Winner:
Monique from Living in the Light I Find
Check them all out...impressive blogs, all three!
Congratulations to all of you!!


ladybug said...

My eyes can hardly wait!!!

I'm so grateful and so thrilled to be introduced to you and your lovely blog!

Now comes the real fun, of being able to wander through your posts and enjoy the scenery!


Story said...

Thanks so much Susan! What a great gift!

ladybug said...

Thank you so much! I've written a little something for you on my blog:


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