Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throwback Thursday

for Monique...
I say 'throwback' because it's been a few good years since I finished a quilt and feeling the need to change that. I came across this little photo journal documenting the quilts I have made over the years. I had nearly forgotten about some of them....and sadly so. Revisiting the journal has really stimulated my creative bone. Thought you might enjoy seeing some real cotton eye candy...

my first...for the baby iceman...circa 1988

...and then again about ten well-loved years later...
(tens years after that, it's still folded sweetly in his drawer)

a duel effort...I pieced the top, my maternal grandmother quilted it for me, even though she wasn't happy about all of the black fabric. It was hard on her eyes, but she persevered.

wall hanging....I still have about 18 inches of binding to handsew....for years it's remained unfinished

a gift for my nephew

one of my faves... a gift for former mother-in-law. Most likely hidden away at the back of a closet these days... and that is a hopeful best case scenario. Don't want to even imagine the worst case scenario. oooh, I really loved this one.

a gift for my niece


ladybug said...

I love them! I love all of them! (and I also love that they are photographed hanging on the clothes line--PERFECT!)

I am in the process of making a journal of my quilts as've inspired me to post them as I collect the info...maybe write a little story of each quilt as I go!

Thank you for sharing these blessings!!!

kansasrose said...

Oh Suebabe...Beautiful work are multi-blessed in the creative arts and natural world. A quilt journal is so cool! I'm sooooo sorry the wind demon took out your greenhouse. Musta been a little twister or downdraft? Hope Mr. Insurance man comes through in time for your seed plantin'. Hugs and empathy to ya from one who knows them dang winds and their destructin'!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! You got a big smile from me about your "baby iceman's" quilt! Z has a much loved ( and tattered) one that I have tried to patch since his grandparents made it for him together while they were waiting for him to arrive! Funny the stories and emotions these cotton patches all tie together. I have to thank you for the quilt journal idea, think it might be a great way to document the histories and figure out who they should go to someday. Your quilts are beautiful and I think you must be overdue for a little stitching therapy!
I'm sorry about the greenhouse situation, we were having the same
very scary wind when you were, our neighbors tree came down on their car! Just a few panes of my "window
house" cracked but that's minor. Hope you get everything back in place and secured so that you can get growing soon. Hugs, Bramble

I was sooo tempted to sign up for the cheesemaking workshop but have kids schedule conflicts as usual! Hope it goes well and that you are filled to the brim with happy cheesemakers!

Susan said...

Bramble!! So glad to hear from you!
I have a few more cheesemaking classes scheduled this MUST come!! I might add one more closeup pic of Iceman's quilt for you.I tried to keep that things going for years longer than it should have.He finally retired it because I couldn't! :)

Clare said...

beautiful work, Sue. I admire your skills! Hope things have settled down weather wise. Take care.


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