Thursday, August 28, 2008

Herbs go to HomeSchool!

The Kardia Learning Center organized a wonderful medieval festival for their young students (all 90+ of them!!) which featured a delicious feast and appearances from the Norse Vikings of Philadelphia and their beautiful Viking Ship. I was asked to do a presentation on herbs with a medieval theme for two age groups: First, the Pre-K and Elementary group and second, the Middle and High School group. I brought a large harvest of a variety of herbs and discussed how they may have been used and prepared for children by their mothers in the middle ages. With the older group I decided on the topic of the Black Plague, introduced a few antibacterial herbs and the legend of the Four Thieves Vinegar.Would have loved to hang out with the Vikings a little longer...our presentations overlapped each others. I did get to visit with them before hand, admiring their hand sewn garb, mead horns and trade goods. In fact, I was shown the largest piece of amber I have ever laid eyes on. It was an oval the size of my hand. Magnificent! All in all, a great learning experience for these kids. Congratulations to the homeschooling moms who put it all together and thanks again for the opportunity to educate your children. I noticed quite a few future herbalists in the crowd with that tiny green twinkle in their eyes.

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Aunt Jenny said...

How cool!! I bet they all just loved it! I would have loved to be there!
Thanks so much for the little extras you put in with my Faux Joe!! You are so sweet. LOVE that honey too!! The lavender wand is protecting my yarn stash..I kept it my bedside the first night...just to enjoy it while I slept..thanks!!
I am drinking so much iced Faux Joe I probably will bleed herbs..haha. That stuff is awesome!


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