Saturday, August 30, 2008

Feline Philosophy

This is Sweet Birch...pining away for her favorite bedmate, the IceMan. His move to New Hampshire last week has left her a little unsettled. No hockey bag to curl up on. No midnight pizzas to share and clean up after. No familiar boy smells emanating from piles of dirty laundry and bedding. No nocturnal greetings at the door after Friday night stick and puck games. No tickle torture, devilish torment or potty humor. Just quiet....lots of quiet. You'd think this old gal would simply breathe a sigh of relief and just enjoy the quiet.But we, I mean she, is a creature of habit. She does miss her IceMan, but in that stoic fem-feline way, she is doing her best to keep it underwraps. After all, kittens do grow up and scamper away, don't they? It is the natural scheme of things. She'll be fine....yes, she'll be fine.Rx: Little cat-naps, a little stroking and catnip, lots of catnip.


Clare said...

I'm with ya, Sue. Been there. Shoulda thought of catnip as a remedy - hahaha. Everyone adapts to a new routine eventually, but the transition time is hard, felines and human Momma's as well.
Take care.

kansasrose said...

{{{{hug hon}}}}} sniffle sniffle...yes, YOU will be fine Sue Babe. is a good momma fo sure. The Iceman will be fine. Keep some of Iceman's clothes around for sweet Birch to snuggle with. ( some of his ripe old nikes?) this KS momma missin' her married girl big time...sigh.


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