Thursday, August 21, 2008

First the Beauties, Now the Beasts.....

We have been pretty fortunate to have an abundance of good bug helpers in the garden this year. However, the praying mantis clans are taking over! Sweet and comical when small, full grown they can be quite menacing. They make quite an impression in flight and have a voracious appetite. The large ones are extremely quick when pouncing on their prey and produce an audible munch while dining. This large moth never had a chance. It was disturbing and fascinating to watch at the same time


Ellen said...

The 3rd photo is so clear.

The middle "hey wazzup" shot was a cool capture, but what f stop did you use?

Susan said...

I dunno for F's set on auto pilot. The third pic was taken on an exceptionally brilliant day. Knelt way down to avoid any distractions in the background and have BLUE behind. The other two were on rather dreary days. Eye-ing up new cameras...soon, soon.


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