Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'Does that sky look green to you??'

Holy smokes..what an night. It didn't translate well on digicam, but the sky was green last night.Lost power on the hottest day of the year to date. But was revived at 5 am when the power returned and the fan began to oscillate! oh sweet joy in the morning! Fortunate to have received the rain and good growth that comes from a few powerful thunder and lightning storms and so grateful that we didn't suffer the tree damage that many others did, even with apparent 80 mile an hour wind gusts. Great weeding and seeding day ahead. Then off to scout out my new venue at the Mill at Anslema's farmer's market later in the day.


kansasrose said...

Hope ya got some relief from the heat wave. Looks like a good wind producing boomer storm. The greenish cast usually signals twistahs here... like the sky is a sickly bruised type of green. Did ya get hail?

anajz said...

Susan, Thanks for stopping by and you have been entered into the drawing.
This has been the year for storms, hasn't it? I am glad that you are safe.
Your farm is lovely! If we were not so far apart, I would be begging for an invitation to visit.


Susan said...

yes there was small 'windowpane' hail here but much larger chunks elsewhere. We were very fortunate. Local damage reports seem to be very severe in spots and still many places without power.

Aunt Jenny said...

We had a cold windy (very windy) night last night...but nothing like your night. Don't ya hate it when the power goes off on hot nights..ugh!! I am glad you were safe and you got some rain. We need some here too.

kansasrose said...

tornado about 2 miles from us last night..took out Chapman Ks, killed 2 then on to where DD and her spouse live in Manhattan..tore up the university, businesses, homes. Dh said it looked like a big stove pipe. weary on the plains.


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