Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Never too soon

It's never too soon to get the pretty new calendula flowers infusing in the olive oil. We experimented with two beds this year to see if we could get an earlier harvest. #1 is a total reseed bed. They just planted themselves. #2 is a bed that we planted early in March. It seems that it didn't make much difference other than the reseed bed (planting itself thickly) has quite a few more flowers to harvest this week than bed #2. Otherwise they bloomed simultaneously.
Beauties, aren't they?


Kelley said...

Beautiful Ü

Aunt Jenny said...

So pretty!!! Is that lavender I see peeking up among the calendulas...or something else equally yummy??? I love your photos!! I put this first one of all the calendulas as my background on my computer for it!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Susan said...

That peeking beauty is Pennsylvania smartweed. It's smart because it somehow makes me not want to yank it out by the roots! I like the color combination between the two.


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