Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beyond the Garden..

Of course there are other things going on in the world! I'm just a little bit distracted by the garden. The Boy graduated from high school on Friday night. My sage advice to him...In the football game of life, it is always best to follow the path that's just a little off center. What? I'm giving this advice to a hockey player? Howz about 'Head up, shoulder down, full speed ahead. It's your ice, Baby....your game. Play hard. Go to sleep at night, sore and happy' ...yeah, that's better. He'll understand that advice.
It was a lovely sunset to all those high school years...
(insert sniffling mother sounds here)


Ellen said...

Congrats to iceman and a tip of the mug or two for your parenting skills.
Now how are you going to decorate the empty nest?

Susan said...

It won't be quite empty yet...He'll stay local for the first year of school and play club hockey before he makes his big transfer decision.My college graduate..she still lives here,too!No place like home,No place like home!

Tina Sams said...

Oh Sue... I'll sniffle with you, Mama.


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