Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcomed Warble

This morning just before my teapot whistled, I heard a robin singing.
It's still dark. I can't see him, but I'm happy to know he's out there.
Okay, this isn't a robin. You'll need to use your imagination.


kansasrose said...

Is this Goldie the hen? What a prim and proper gal she is! Weren't you going to write a little book on chicken adventures? Guess what? Dh said I can get some chooks this summer! I'm stoked! :)

Susan said...

This is indeed, the one and only Goldie. Her two golden sisters are gone now, so she is the shining star of the yard. Oh,yes,the chicken book.I haven't forgotten.I have a few little books cooking upstairs. Always on the back burner,though, dontcha know.

Hildie said...

pick pick pawk!


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