Sunday, March 2, 2008

2008 Herb of the Year

Every year the International Herb Association chooses a particular herb for educational focus. This year they have chosen Calendula as their poster child. Calendula officinalis is otherwise known as Pot Marigold or Mary's Gold. The British simply call it Marigold which confuses the heck out of us Yanks. It is not at all the same marigold that we put in our vegetable gardens to keep the pests away. In the PA German dialect, that marigold is called "Schtinkblumm". We also refer to them as American, French or African marigolds (Tagetes spp). But, I'll rustle up a little bit more about our poster child....


kansasrose said...

The PA German looks alot like "stinkbloom" lol. Thanks for the info.

Susan said...

That's exactly what it does mean!
Marigolds do schtink, don't they?
The other name it's known by is just plain "Schtinker"

Herbfarmer said...

Hey Susan,
Your pretty blog came up on my "herb farm" Google alert this morning. Way to go!

Possum Creek Herb Farm

Susan said...

Wow! Thanks for letting me know, Michele.I feel far fetched from an
"herb farm" but whatever gets people pointed in this direction is fine with me.


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