Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2008 Herb of the Year continued...

Calendula (derived from the Latin meaning 'calendar') officinalis (means "of the apothecary"). So, this beauty is so named as a plant deemed worthy of medicinal use and bloomed for much of the calendar year. As long as the flowers are diligently harvested every few days, it will indeed bloom the entire summer before it retires. Calendula is considered very safe and is gentle enough to use on the very young and the elderly. Calendula's most outstanding contribution is as a topical remedy for many types of skin inflammation. It's use as a wound healer is historic and legendary and has been confirmed by modern day scientific studies. Calendula is especially helpful for slow healing wounds, infections, bed sores, sunburns and diaper rash. Calendula has the nickname of "salve plant" and is used to reduce the inflammation and irritation of eczema and psoriasis. Scientific studies have also proven calendula's ability to regenerate collagen in the dermal layers which could delay aging of the skin. Here on the farm, we are pretty enamored with this plant every year and so growing enough of it for our products holds a high priority in our garden planning. The calendula beds are the first to be prepared and planted early in the season.


kansasrose said...

Hmmm...I may need to try your calendula cream! I'm up for anything to slow down aging skin. lol. I adore your Rose Petal cream also. Do you sell the rose cream in a larger jar by chance?

Susan said...

Not usually, but if I get a special order for it, I can easily dish up a 4 oz. jar the next time I whip up a batch.I have several customers that order the calendula cream that way and I always keep a 4 oz. Calendula cream and a 4 oz. Laughing Crow cream going at all times!


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