Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Green Hellebore

I found this beauty at the local grocery store, one of a kind, sitting all alone nearly hidden by the happy tulips and daffs wrapped in pink and purple foil. It looked so intriguing with it's green flowers. Sort of mysterious....so I brought it home with me. I'll tell you more about it once I figure out where I put the nice little booklet that came along with it.

UPDATE: Found the booklet. The mystery deepens. Clearly this plant is NOT what the booklet describes here. These flowers are absolutely GREEN, not white. I have done a little more research into the origins and old uses of the Hellebore. Oh boy, seems another powerful plant with a shady reputation has wooed it's way into my garden this year. So far, she has my full attention.


Hildie said...

All I know is that they bloom in the winter and are a treat peeking out of the snow. A quick wikipedia glance revealed medicinal uses (for insanity?!) and other, darker references.

Susan said...

ahhh, now that would explain everything...hehheh


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