Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tending the Flames

I'm not sure, but I think we're done burning wood for the winter. At least inside, anyway. I do enjoy starting the day with a fire in the woodstove, but recently have had to let it die out before noon because it was so warm outside. Yesterday I lit the first fire in the outdoor pit as I cleaned up more leaves and continued my pruning. The boy hauled at least four overflowing wheelbarrows full of downed sticks and branches from around the yard. We kept that fire blazing high for a good four hours in the afternoon, water buckets at the ready, due to a few errant wind gusts that caught us by surprise. The day ended in the dusky hours, sitting nearby as the fire burned down to embers. I resisted the call to go inside to clean up and start making dinner. The warmth on my face and hands made more of an impression than the cold air on my back. Guess that is the real mark of spring for me...sitting outside by the fire, instead of inside. Yep, spring is here. Time to clean off the chairs around the pit.


kansasrose said...

This is a lovely post...Loved reading your reaffirmation of the seasons. I can almost smell that great wood smoke! ;)

Susan said...

ya know, it's one of those simple country pleasures to smell wood smoke in one's hair.Nearly as nice as sun dried sheets. The combination of the two is better than any fancy perfume to my nose...and it's free!LOL

Mary Himmer said...

Susan, You make me feel as though I am living in the country. The wood smoke, the hens wishing to dig up the calendula beds. Thank you.



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