Monday, March 24, 2008

First Planting

The garden beds have been nicely workable for over a week now, so the first sowing of calendula seeds went into the ground on Sunday. See the decidedly frustrated look on Goldie's face? For some reason, chickens believe that a garden bed isn't finished until they are finished digging in it. Hence the creative placement of plastic trays over the newly planted seeds. They will remain in place until the plants are big enough to stand on their own and the chickens have moved on to other freshly dug beds. We purchased a large quantity of calendula seeds from Horizon Herbs this year but this particular bed was planted with seed saved from our local Kimberton CSA last summer. It seemed remarkable to me that with such a huge bed of calendula planted for the members, no one seemed to be taking advantage of it. Late in the season, the hubby and I spent a Sunday afternoon at the CSA . I picked some late blooms to dry and he gathered the seed heads for planting this year. One bed done, many more to go.

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