Sunday, March 23, 2008

Must-Have Hollandaise

from the Joy of Cooking...

Melt slowly and keep warm:
1/2 cup butter
Barely heat:
1 1/2 TB lemon juice
Have ready a small saucepan of boiling water and a TB with which to measure it when ready.
Place in the top of a double boiler over-not in- hot water:
3 fresh egg yolks
Beat the yolks with a wire whisk until they begin to thicken.

1 TB boiling water
Beat again until the eggs begin to thicken. Repeat until you have added:
3 more TBS of boiling water
Then beat in the warm lemon juice. Remove double boiler from heat. Beat the sauce well wil the whisk. Continue to beat while slowly adding the melted butter and:
a pinch of salt
a few grains of cayenne
Beat until the sauce is thick.
Serve at once...
don't stop to take pictures...
don't let it chill...
go directly to the table...

Run, Forrest...RUN !!


Hildie said...

Yesterday I made your wonderful spring tonic soup because the pictures inspired me. It was divine. Now I feel a compelling urge to make hollandaise sauce...

Susan said...

Try this:whole wheat english muffin, toasted and buttered.Add a layer of smoked Alaskan salmon, sliced thin. Top with a fresh,poached egg....ladle hollandaise over all....

kansasrose said...

This sounds fabulous!


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