Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunshine and Promises...

Guilty. Yes I am. A few weeks ago I posted a rosey giveaway to be announced on Solstice Sunday (yesterday). I was ready to go with most of the prizes. Then, suddenly, after ten days of rain and storms, I had a little brainstorm of my own. I decided to order and add a wonderful book to the giveaway. I also decided to tweak my new cream recipe a bit further before announcing it. To complicate things further, an old aquaintance, the Sun, decided to visit yesterday (unannounced, I might add) and distract me from my dark library and laptop. I just couldn't say no. I dropped everything and went outside to play! Guilty. But, I have no regrets....because while I languished in the sunshine, I decided to pull three winning names from the post, just the moment the book arrives and my cream is perfected. Perfection comes with patience...yes. Thank you Friends! Rose love is in the air!


Aunt Jenny said...

Oh my....well worth waiting for!!! Enjoy your sunshine...we are getting a little here today too..after a very rainy, cloudy month.....I can almost hear the tomato plants groaning with joy!

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the HOT...HOT..HOTTTTT Weather! My roses are in bloom, doing nicely at the store and at home. Lots of rose sales lately!

Hope is all well down on the Farm At Coventry Susan!


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