Thursday, June 18, 2009

Herb Society of America Garden Tour

On Tuesday, Farm at Coventry was again visited by not one, but three tour buses full of appreciative garden gazers. This group was from the Pennsylvania Heartland Unit of the Herb Society of America who were hosting their 27th annual Herbal Symposium this past weekend.Despite the threat of rain all day, we were cheered on by the sunny dispositions of all who wandered through the gardens.Farm at Coventry sales were also quite brisk! Fortunately, a few hours between tours allowed for replenishing of products and a nice relaxing lunch. We bid the last tour farewell at about 5:30 that night. Really nice to meet so many people who truly appreciate and understand the efforts and rewards that come from working the soil and tending the plants.I cannot close this post without again thanking my gardening helper Kim, whose tireless efforts and gardening experience have made a huge difference in my workload the last few weeks. The boys also deserve high praise for putting the finishing touches on the garden gates and perimeters. The garden tour deadlines this spring indeed put us into high gear to get my impossibly LONG wish list accomplished for this growing season! An early Wednesday morning walk through the garden brought a sense of "now what?" But we all know that is a fleeting question. There's always something more to plant, prune, pluck or harvest. Guess it's time to start a new list, eh? Well, maybe tomorrow...

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Clare said...

Looks like everything went great, Sue. So glad to get to see a pic of you and hubby together! Before you know it, you'll have a new list made and be ticking things off again.
take care.


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