Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tea Cup Charms

This weekend I will open my home to 24 new Homestead Herbalism students! The tables are set, name tags ready, the handouts are being printed and the notebooks covers finished. Ahhh, the first day of school. I love the excited feeling that comes with the first day of a new project of any kind. Always a fresh start! This year I decided to make personalized tea cup charms for everyone so that when the cups get put down, they can be easily identified for refills. Always an issue since all the cups are the same. I snooped around Michael's and found pretty Martha Stewart labels and a few packs of basic sterling earring hoops. I rubber stamped the labels on both sides: teacup and leaf on the front along with the student's name and a teapot on the back. Then I laminated them so they wouldn't be damaged too much by the inevitable spill. Simple but pretty and personal,too. No more mixups on the teacups! ((I'll also immediately know who forgot to wash their cup at the end of class,too!! hehheh....Sneaky, aren't I?))


Peppy said...

That was original - Have a good week-end

Aunt Jenny said...

What a great idea..adorable!!
I sure wish I lived closer to you and your classes!!!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You are so cleaver, love this idea! I too wish you lived closer, I'd be in every class!

linda said...

Hope your new class is wonderous!

kansasrose said...

These are so pretty and so YOU Suebabe! Have a great, 'fruitful' season of classes! I can see these as wine charms too! :)


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