Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waving the White flag...

What the heck? I am all for sharing the land and it's gifts with all creatures great and small but, I've had enough with this mockingbird couple already! It's become so bad that crossing the threshold to go out the back door provokes an angry verbal greeting or swooping attack from above. Forget about even getting in the herb garden. There's just no getting up there without a body guard keeping an eye out while I bend over. I just bent over once to pull a weed, and was attacked from the rear...and I do mean 'rear'! LOL I was so startled that I pulled a perfectly good white sage out by the roots. Sweet Birch (Birke) is also a victim of the attacks. The male is relentless whenever she is wandering around outside. I am at a loss as what to do. Sweet talking and peace signs didn't work, neither does loudly staking my human claim to planting that there rose bush that they call home. Mockingbirds never sleep either...those who have heard them singing all night long already know this to be true. These aren't singing their happy mocking songs right's more of a constant hissing I hear. I will just continue working inside today with my long list of indoor chores and hope those babies fly the coop real soon. Guess we'll be holding a raffle to see who holds the brooms at this Saturday's Homestead Herbalism class because, dang it, two winged creatures will NOT be holding 15 women hostage when there is so much to be done outside!

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