Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Cautious Camera Caper

Been sneaking around the back yard with my camera like a secret agent in disguise, quiet like a mouse until I'm spied from above by the dreaded is the sneaky week in snapshots :
The MAN had to restring some of the hops vines which are so laden with papery fruits that the strings were beginning to break under the weight of them. Note to MAN self: Next year spring for the heavy duty twine that's a little more pricey...but worth the time saved in the long run!

The boy made this new little fireplace patio for me this summer...finally fired it up the other night. Fire may have tamed the savage winged beasts

After many years of pruning perfection, the MAN's concord grape vines are coughing up an enormous load of fruit this summer. Really looking forward to this harvest!

daylily at daybreak

the bee balm is 'swaying in the beeze' at dusk

sunshine and shadow spider


Clare said...


kansasrose said...

Those are some fabulous fat concords ya got there! When will they be ripe? Here, it's Sept. Love that sunflower! Better not bend over too much or that bird might send ya flyin'...I have been reading alot of blogs about people getting attacked by birds this summer. What's up with these wonky birds? A woodpecker flew hard into our front door and killed herself yesterday. :( Very strange.

Anonymous said...

Hello Wonderful Sue,

What's Up the Birds? For me it's Crow Summer. Noise makers extraordinare and WAY more intense than their cinema cameos and their literary roles portray them. They're predators (didn't know that) and after seeing them divide clans and pluck babies away from frantic mother turkeys, I get their connection with the Morrigan. Whoa. It's a big vulture year too. Birds abounding! Good luck with yours!


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