Monday, June 16, 2008

The Weekend in Snapshots

I love calendula and calendula loves me! Every year I find at least one heart shaped flower. Love when that happens.
On Saturday during class, we picked a gallon jar of flowers and covered them with olive oil. The jar will sit in the sun for one complete lunar cycle.
Herbal harvest pre-poultice pack for a boo-boo on Tara's foot. How could it not get better with a pretty bandage like that? There were plantain leaves, sage and thyme leaf, calendula and chamomile flowers and a few cloves of garlic (did I forget anything?) all smooshed up in the food processor and slapped on that tender booboo...ahhhh! green relief.
Plenty of Sun, Smiles and Sunbonnets

The MAN describing his tomato planting technique: deep bucket holes, sinking tomato plants to provide more vigorous root system, mulch well, dismember scratching hens and water once every two- three weeks. Which suggestion was he thinking but didn't utter out loud? well, at least not in front of our guests...hehheh.


kansasrose said...

What kind of leaves make those sunbonnets? WOW!

Susan said...

That would be the Great Burdock leaf.
It was enormous!


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