Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Solstice !

I believe I collected this quote from the Flower Essence Services book years ago, but I can't quite recall. And as luck would have it, I have loaned my book out and can't check my sources today. But I always think of this when the St. John's wort begins to bloom...

"At its deepest level of transformation, St. John’s Wort helps the soul to circulate light through the body and into the Earth. Rather than experiencing light as an external and merely physical reality, light works within the Self as a spiritual force which can illuminate and anchor the consciousness.
It was understood to be an ideal combination of water and fire, the ultimate healing essence. Fire symbolized the fruitful light-filled forces of summer, and water the gathering and settling forces of the dark season. Midsummer is the time of balance between these forces of light and dark."

Wow, makes sense that St. John's Wort would work for seasonal depression, doesn't it? Yeah, bringing warmth and light into those cold, dark corners of the soul...


Lorelei Ranveig said...

How beautiful!
We have been largely enjoying our garden so far this year. I got my first spinach harvest back in march, and we've been enjoying them since. The blueberries are coming around now, we have roses in full's all so wonderful! =)
We enjoyed some salad dressing made from the yummy nettles & dandelion vinegar a few weeks ago.
I haven't been on much, so I haven't been able to keep track on here as much lately, so now I'm catching up. =)

QUESTION! I have a VERY TALL (about six foot), gorgeous yellow flowering plant growing in my garden. Early on this year, I thought it was my turnips, which I planted last year. But after it just kept going, I'm starting to have second thoughts (never planted turnips before, wasn't sure what to expect if I "just let them go"). The flowers are clustered, much like angelica, or queen anne's lace...and grows much in the same way. But the flowers are yellow - no, GOLD. Gold like goldenrod - and just a small! The stalk is thick and beautiful, striped with purple. I looked in my books, but I simply haven't been able to identify. I feel like I should know what it is, LOL (I probably will smack my forehead when I figure it out). Thoughts?

Susan said...

I'm wondering if it might be Jerusalem artichokes? Dang, I wish I could see them. Do a google search on the artichokes and see if that is it. Please let me know ! I'm really curious


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