Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The List

This list includes items from the aforementioned "Plant Wish List" but also quite a few respectable selections that were not on aforementioned list. They were all purchased from various vendors at the Landis Valley Herb and Garden Faire and sit patiently on my porch until I methodically invite them into my waiting gardens....thanks for indulging my list making.By the way, my photo-taking dropped quickly in priority as soon as I started juggling plants and my wallet. Forgive me, but I'm sure you can understand.
First the roses,always my first stop: *2 Celsiana Damasks, one Gloire de Guilan Damask and one new Apothecary Rose
*Six Arnica chammissonis (with the understanding that Arnica montana just doesn't grow well in these parts. I've tried, I know...this one is said to grow well in PA. We'll see.)
* Black Snakeroot (Black Cohosh) with lovely burgundy foliage
*2 White Sages
*2 Goriza Rosemaries
*4 Lemon Verbena
*1 Lemon Grass
*6 Holy Basil
*3 Rue
*3 Lunaria (Silver Dollars for the Moon Garden)
*3 Only the Lonely Nicotiana (ditto)
*3 Opal Basil
*3 Greek Mullien
*2 Shiso Perilla
*one each of Weld and Woad to experiment with as dyes
*1 Coleus "Witch Doctor"
*1 Brown Turkey Fig (tipping hat to my Brother in Brooklyn on the last two)
*3 Powder Puff Hollyhocks
*1 Huge Castor Oil Bean plant (Note to self * Check out toxicity to chickens??)
*1 Patchouli Plant (wanna see what all the fuss is about with this)
* one lb bag seeds to sow an experimental patch of fiber flax. (who knows? It might get me a spinning wheel if I do it right! Sometimes these lists are created with ulterior motives)
The MAN chose one of each of these Heirloom Tomatoes (even though we have a few dozen in the greenhouse already, but who's counting? He knows tomatoes so no arguing necessary)
*Purple Russian, Striped German, Riesentraube, Amish Paste, Garden Peach, German Strawberry, Burbank and Roma (he is the Italian in the family, afterall)
* one single small HalleTaurer hop vine (oh dear, where will that go? One eventually turns into many, dontcha know)


Herbfarmer said...

You will love the German stripe! It is the most delish tomato.
Thanks for "taking" me to Landis Valley.....

Lorelei Ranveig said...

I really enjoy our Black cohosh...I love the beautiful foliage and flowers that come from this one.
The white sage is nice to grow, because it works well if you like to make potpourri, aftershave, and so on. I also grow patchouli for that same reason...especially for my husband's aftershave and even for my own perfume. I love the deep, earthy aroma patchouli offers.

I've been looking for Woad, because I'm also interested in experimenting with the dye (I'm also currently looking for Madder...). And flax for the same reason. I'd love to grow, process, and spin. I know flax is more difficult that wool and fibers, but that just intrigues me all the more. That, and knowing it was yet another preferred technique of my ancestors. That helps. =)

kansasrose said...

My idea of heaven is that market. Wow! What a cool list for your gardens. Some I have not heard of...;)


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