Monday, May 5, 2008

Beauty Before Bedtime

Virginia Creeper

hosta leaf


More Dandelion fluff

Silver Mound Artemisia


Ground Ivy


kansasrose said...

Your pics are sublime. I got the creeper only it creeps on wood and vines under the deck and has rotted many boards. VERY invasive, but I can't help myself I love it's wanderin' beauty and red fire in autumn. I need stones for it to be happy and polite like yours.

Ellen said...

wow my mom doesn't make me go to bed before it gets dark ;)

::lusty and clear from the goatherd throat
heard:::ooo Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo

Aunt Jenny said...

I just adore your pictures!!! Beautiful!!
My yarrow is up..hooray. It grows in a little patch by the hen house and thrives of the first things to appear in spring.
The hosta leaf in your picture is so pretty...I never have had luck with them..I think I will try again this year. Cuz you never know!!!
I do know how to grow me some dandelions...I pick them to share with Mona right now..they are all over the yard..loving it! No sign of violets yet darn it!!

Ellen said...

reading last night a botanical history book written in 1887 regarding woodbine, isn't it the same as creeper? anywho the timucuan indians here used it roots for a health tonic. do you wildcraft with creeper?


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