Sunday, April 27, 2008

On the hot seat

It was a fast and simple task for the Boy. Give me the name of a Canadian hockey player with a name that starts with the letter G.....of course, no one else could fill the bill better than Gordie. Gordie Howe. Mr. Hockey. Bet you're so proud of our hockey boys this morning, eh, Gordie? Well, okay, maybe not. I can certainly understand your national loyalty... and the Flyers did win 4-2 over the Canadiens last night. But, just maybe, Gordie might be proud to know that we named our goose after him. Well, we are certainly proud to have Gordie in our midst. I think he's gonna be good luck for us. Isn't there some old folklore about a goose on your chimney bringing good luck? I'm a strong believer in folklore. So, boys, go on and play some good, old time , hard hittin' hockey, like Gordie did, eh? The goose is with yuz. Whadya say, boys? Keep your feet movin' now, boys, keep 'em movin'....

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