Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Came the Manners,

then, you were given the sacred name of Canadian Royalty,

Could potty training be next, dear goose?
You're really starting to grow on me, Gordie.


Clare said...

Wouldn't hold my breath on that one, Sue!

Susan said...

haha, but landing on the outhouse was just too good to be true and it makes for good commentary, no?

kansasrose said...

look how he is lookin' at ya sizing you up...he is slowly coming off his high places...he is adoptin' you. soon, Gordie will be at your your garden, on your porch, patio, ect...:)

Susan said...

KR, Gordie has already been on my patio..I haven't seen him, but he left his very distinctive calling card.LOL


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