Friday, April 25, 2008

The morning after...

Okay, it's bad enough that the Montreal Canadiens beat the Flyers in overtime last night...not to mention breaking one player's stick, bad calls and fans dumping beer on another's head in the penalty box, but this is just going a little too far. Seems they sent one of their geese down here to hiss down on me and poop on my very own roof top when I came out to sip on my tea!! This is not a weathervane or a cute lightening rod...this is a pissy-hissy goose perched on the peak of the roof at 7 am, making all kinds of racket. Just look at the attitude he's showing with that body language...swayin' back and forth, mocking me and our hockey boys....sheesh, how rude. Philadelphia fans wouldn't dream of exhibiting this kind of behavior.....ahem...((blush)) okay, I'm gonna stop right there. In all seriousness, I believe his bad behavior had something to do with another couple of geese in the backyard early this morning. This unhappy fella is probably a suitor scorned. A loser in love, up there 'beating his chest' in his own goosey way to impress the little lady. Well, I ask you, sir, to kindly take your love triangle, your hissing and spitting and pooping, somewhere else, Thank you. Shake it off, fellas...let's go, boys, let's go.


kansasrose said...

Did ya know Canadian geese are property of the Queen of England? I bet he is looking for friends... He seems lonely. We have had a pidgeon roosting all winter above our front door. Talk about a poopy mess! I think he/she must have flown away the last month. Haven't seen any new white streams or turds. I tried pressure washin' the mess and what a pain! Timed noisemakers supposedly scare 'em off.

Susan said...

I did not know this...did you know that geese couples mate for life? I have never seen a goose roost on a high building like this. Their feet aren't created for roosting. He flew to another high roof later. Wonder if to show dominance? He was clearly not happy with the two others below....or me.


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