Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green Grieving

I cannot even bear to be outside....I shot this from inside through a window. He's here. I did as much as I could before he got here, but it never seems like enough. I know they'll come back...perhaps even stronger. With the windows open,the whole house smells like ground ivy , spearmint and mugwort. I left my stool out in the center of the violet patch as a little protest of sorts. Maybe he'll get the message and skirt around them. I knew the time was coming but I'm still really sad about it....signing off for today. This would be a good time to clean the bathroom. I always clean when I'm upset. ((sniffle,sniffle)) UPDATE: He didn't get the subliminal protest message...stool moved, violets mowed.


Ellen said...

awww I think you are supposed to be OUT standing in your field ;)

I thought God made rainy days, so gardeners could get the housework done...didn't know it applied to lawn boys.

first the firewood went missing?
then the violets no longer riot and now the flyers get some bad calls.

did iceman win his game?

Clare said...

I hear ya, Sue. That's why I let my own yard free-range, of sorts! It gets mowed when I feel like, and it gets done my way. No more be-headings here. Amen!

Susan said...

ellen, you're funny!
Riley had a long practice and a meeting, then went with friends to a pizza shop to watch up to the end of the 3rd period. As soon as he walked in the door here at home, Canadians won the overtime goal.bad calls at bedtime...bad news. :(

Susan said...

Clare, this is a landlord thing....normally, he is very accommodating, if I ask and he already knows not to come too often. But my wish list was long. At the first sound of whirling blades,I just closed the doors and gave in. I'll go check the 'damage' in the morning

kansasrose said...

Where are the white lilacs? I love to mow..the dandelions and thistles have to go. I feel your pain on the violets and other stuff.


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