Monday, March 17, 2008

Song for Ireland

This is a montage of photos taken on a few different trips to Ireland since 1997...mine and later my daughter's. The trips represented various life transition moments in our two lives. We are born and bred Pennsylvania Deitsch women, but a piece of our hearts belong to Ireland. If I don't spend my retirement years on a little homestead in Berks County, PA, it'll be in a salt sprayed thatched roof cottage on the west coast of Ireland. Listen to this song by Mary Black while you view. She is the Queen....Sorry, Aretha.

Sláinte !
That's me on a lush green expanse in the west- March 1997

My travel buddy, Beth, a dear classmate from David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies, and now the CEO of Herbalist & Alchemist. A fine Irish lass if ever there was one.

The rugged west coast Cliffs of Moher

wild, wet and wonderful...a 'soft' day

Ireland is not known for it's fertile farmland...they had to create it with generations of sweat and hard digging. The miles of stone walls throughout the country are a monumental testimony to the tenacious Irish spirit. This farm on the Aran islands uses mostly seaweed for compost. The beds here are a good 12-15 inches deep.

Fresh Caught Fish and Chips in Kinsale...

The finest dessert available on the Island



Frank Blank in Brooklyn said...

Wow Ireland looks great! and that Guinness looks even better. You scanned the pics or you had a digicam back then?

Susan said...

I didn't have a dig cam back then. Just a 35 mm. So yes, I did scan some of these photos in...the ones that have a bit poorer color quality. The brighter ones were taken by daughter on her last two excursions and she has a digital (and much wilder pics than I!)They don't pour Guinness any where better than Ireland. It is one of those simple universal truths.
We are talking about a family trip next year.

Frank Blank in Brooklyn said...

Hey Susan
Do you have any pics of a certain Yew Tree in Scotland???

Susan said...

yes, I do....gotta go dust off the honeymoon album, though. It's legend is more impressive than the tree itself though. gotta warn ya.
Stay tuned.

Beth said...

Oh...what a trip down memory lane! Thanks so much for those fabulous pictures. I am packing my bags for the next trip. Sipping tea and eating Salmon in the pub. Painting watercolors with the color of whatever is left in the bottom of your glass. Mary Black is truly the Queen!!!!


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