Saturday, March 15, 2008

Here's lookin' at you, Kid

This is Lenore. She was our tiny nubian mascot for the first day of class. When Lenore came into the world earlier than expected, she endured a bit of a rough start. Her human mama, Lisa suddenly had a helpless newborn to nurse around the clock. A few days of nursing care combined with more kidding in the herd produced some serious 'goat mamma' exhaustion. Lisa didn't want to miss the first day of class but Lenore couldn't be left alone. So a new chapter in the Homestead Herbalism annals was written today: "Lenore Goes to Herb School". Lenore was very well behaved and slept quietly on a sheepskin most of the time. During the breaks she drank her goat mamma's milk from a bottle and kissed those who held her. There is probably no better medicine for a teeny preemie than lovin' from fourteen cooing women...and no sweeter ice breaker for the first day of class.

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