Monday, May 4, 2009

Strawberry Silliness

Well, I persevered through the rain and succeeded in getting the first seventy five plants into the bed, but it wasn't easy! Even though the planting calendar said it was an optimal day to plant fruit, the rain gods were snickering at me from behind those dark clouds, I'm sure of it. I was almost laughing at myself. These are the only photos I was able to take before I put my camera in the truck. In the following hour or so, I was so caked in mud, I had to walk home and send the kid up to drive the truck back! I looked absolutely ridiculous...
Last week I raked stones and laid 100 feet of biodegradable mulch (made of cornstarch!) to keep the first season weed free and give the new plants a fighting chance. It will dissolve completely in 90-120 days. We'll see how well it works. Tenacious weeds will likely poke right through, but it should hold back most. It also has many perforations to allow rain in. I put my trowel right through it to plant each strawberry plant.
These are my boots right before I really got in there. Less than five minutes later, they had 5 lbs of squishy brown mess clinging to each one which made it impossible to walk. My next move was to get on my knees. Fifteen minutes later I had 5 lbs of mess clinging from my both of my knees down to my ankles and from both of my hands to my elbows. I could barely move. When I finally stood up at the end of planting the first 75 Jewels, my pants were starting to fall down and my hands looked like muddy webbed feet!!! hahaaa. It was a photo op that would have yielded a priceless image but with no one but the birds to see. You'll just have to use your imagination. Think I'll wait a few days, optimal fruit day or not to get the other 150 in the ground! Visions of many plump red berries next June keep me going.


Clare said...

You're a good sport about it, Sue. We do what we have to do, right? Next time have son take a photo first!

Hope you are still feeling well!

Peppy said...

Hey Even I can't match any Strawberry planting story to this.
Could someone hose you off before you went in the house?


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