Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rolling out the Welcome Mat!

Well, it's finally the middle of May and so much work has been completed since the long stretch of rain that lasted nearly a week at the the beginning of the month. Finishing the new square foot garden beds set us back a bit and we missed early spring plantings, which was an expected sacrifice. But getting the summer planting finished before the Rosemary House garden tour bus rolled in on Monday was the top priority. Wowzer! Check out the fancy bus! On obvious first for Farm at Coventry (But not the last....three more coming in June...all on the same day)
Nearly 40 people wandered the gardens, enjoyed asparagus quiche, salad, strawberries and chocolate macaroons and eventually squeezed into the herb kitchen to hear a short talk.
It was an exciting evening for all of us here on the farm, waving goodbye to the bus as it pulled away as the sun was setting. Just as exciting was walking back up to the house and getting a last look at the yard and gardens in near perfect condition. A worthy reward for weeks of work!
A few snapshots of the day...
homegrown eggs + local asparagus=yummy quichesweet succulents

cool drink of ice water with lemon balm and lemon slices

nary a weed in sight...(kept the good ones, of course!)

the square foot garden beds are finished and planted!
One final project is the wire fence and gates.

outdoor clean up


Clare said...

OHHHHHH, Sue, I am envious! Gorgeous, just perfect. I am especially enamored of your tepees, for beans? great plan there.... oh and a to-die-for clean up area! I'm takin' notes!!

GREAT work!

Rosemary said...

Such a great quiche it was too and of course what lovely gardens. Everyone on our bus throughly enjoyed their time at Farm at Coventry. Thanks for all your tireless efforts!

Peppy said...

I'm so impressed!!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the tour went well, but with such a wonderful palce and you to visit, how could it not?!!! All the best with the tours and classes Sue, wish I was there too! It looks like all your hard pre-season work has paid off.
Just wonderful! Be well and enjoy the busy days! Bramble

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Please share with me the names of the plants in your sweet succulents photo. I recognize the hens and chicks. Can you tell me what the others are as weel, what the soil mixture is and how you take care of them? My son gave me a Hen and Chicks on Mother's Day and I killed the poor little thing already. I love them, but can't seem to take care of them the proper way. WWwwaaaahhhh!



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