Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fair Winds Blow This time Around!!

Good news blew in just in time for the weekend. The insurance agent called to let us know that our wind-demolished greenhouse will be covered, so it looks like it's safe to order my seeds after all! My claim agent, Tabitha was based in Atlanta, but she was downright neighborly.I have to give her kudos for making me feel like I wasn't just a number in a corporate computer system. She had the same cheerful attitude whether it was first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. We looked online together at the specs of my greenhouse and she also did research on her own. Most surprisingly, she was genuinely interested in all the things that we grow! Very cool. We bonded during our talk about elderberries...a friend of elder is always a friend of mine, dear Tabitha. Friday's call was to say that the reimbursement check is on it's way! The greenhouse will be replaced, along with a little extra compensation for debris removal and installation of the new greenhouse! Yipee! Perhaps outstanding customer service is coming back into vogue again 'cuz I am one very satisfied customer.


Ellen said...

I thought geezloweeze you sure were putting your greenhouse back up fast when I saw the picture.
Looks warmer there then here too

Are your Elderberry, the simpsonii, like ours down this way?

Clare said...

Good news, Sue! Maybe you could share their name so others can hold out hope for the same level of customer service by switching to them!!

Susan said...

(you're in good hands with Allstate!)

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the happy dance for you!
It's not often that things go that smoothly with ANY imsurance company!

Carla said...

thats what you hope for every time you write out that insurance payment:) Woohoo!


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