Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dessert in the Garden, Anyone?

Take a seat...I can throw this together in no time...
Your "Basic" Snow Ice Cream:
7 cups of clean snow
(a rare commodity in these parts!)
Whisk in one whole can of sweetened condensed milk
Simple as that.
The MAN will like this...for the 'very cold and very sweet' cravings

Your "Fancy" Snow Ice Cream:
7 cups of clean snow
Whisk in one 14 oz. can of full fat coconut milk
3 big TB of ginger jam or little chips of candied ginger
a few TB of maple syrup
I like this one because it's less sweet and I love anything with coconut milk in it.
Think I'll stir in some coconut flakes before I put it in the freezer

Okay, lemme just add a brain freeze disclaimer here. Farm at Coventry is not responsible for the inevitable excruciating headache that comes from scarfing this yummy stuff down outside as you are whipping it up for your waiting guests. I am positive the chickadees were laughing at me from the rosebushes as I did the bbbrrrain frrreeeze dance around the garden. The cure is to put your thumb on the roof of your mouth to coax those constricted blood vessels back open....but that only works if your hands are nice and warm! Mine were not...
hmmm, wait a minute...14 cups of snow ice cream for two people???
I better make a few phone calls, eh?


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