Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Blank Canvas...

I long for the blank canvas of Spring which the sun and rain have prepared for the painting of summer...
Freshly turned garden...the chickens were first to explore it's possibilities

Our new future planting space in the pasture behind us. Approx. 40' X 100'. Plans for 3 thirty foot rows of strawberries (225 plants have been ordered), asparagus and potatoes, too.Communal effort here with friends and neighbors chipping in to plow, plant, weed and share the wealth.

"An empty canvas is a living wonder...far lovelier than certain pictures."
~Wassily Kadinsky


Anonymous said...

Oh, to have all that land available. Be grateful for having it. It's a blessing.


Susan said...

grateful, always grateful!!

Clare said...

Wow, Sue, that is impressive! Glad you'll have some help with it all!

kim said...

I too love the blank canvas of a freshly tilled garden. It is so black and fluffy. And much like the chickens, I can't resist walking through it,just a little. This always gets a scowling look and a head shake from "the man" walking beside the tiller. lol
"Oh I'll fluff it back up, but sometimes it's fun to get your hands and feet dirty!"


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