Friday, February 20, 2009

Another One Done...

Here is Bedroom # 2
Martha Stewart's 'Ticking Blue'*
Had to match the sunset, too
Just one more bedroom left to do
Yellow room is nearly Sue's...

*It's actually 'Blue Ticking' but that wouldn't have worked too well in my silly poem.


ladybug said...

Oh, I really like this color!!! The blue is gorgeous!

But the reason I'm here is I wanted to stop by today to tell you how much I'm loving my eye cream!! it is so luscious! (thank you so much!)

I'm having a girl's night this weekend and I'm going to have to introduce them to it too!

ladybug said...

also...I sang your praises over on my blog today too....I think everyone should know of the lovely quality of your products! :)

Susan said...

very, very cool! Thanks((blushing over here))


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