Thursday, January 8, 2009

Parallel Universe...

or, if you're a country kid, Parallel Parking. Same thing. The Iceman was long scheduled to take his driving test yesterday, and as luck would have it, in the midst of freezing rain and ice, then heavy rains on top of that. The nasty weather did not daunt the last minute 'perfecting the parallel parking' lessons in the driveway just minutes before the test. I tried to offer my expertise, but quickly realized the vast differences in how men and women park a vehicle. When the lesson moved to talk of physics, I left the men to their physics and I came in to get my camera instead. The MAN and I went along for the ride to the DMV and then the eventual celebratory lunch with Iceman's spiffy new driver's license! Another hurdle accomplished. Iceman returns north to land of real ice and snow this weekend just as his sister returns from her south of the equator sun and surf holiday. I'm learning daily to be flexible with it all and go with the flow. I'm surely enjoying watching both of them gently stretch their wings and push their comfort levels to grow these last few months. Maybe there have been a few minor growing pains here and there, but nothing I, I mean, they can't handle.


Clare said...

Just keep breathing through it all, Sue, and you'll make it. These growing transitions are more of a bugaboo for us as a Mom than they are for the young adults!

Rosemary said...

Parallel parking involves physics?? Oh, that explains alot!
Have enjoyed your stories.. this one, and the chickens new housing unit!


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