Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pampered Poultry

Seriously, am I the only woman who shovels snow for the hens??? They just don't like to put their feet in the snow. They freeze in their tracks. So it's either: 1) they stay under the porch and be at the peril of night time marauders 2) I crawl like a commando under the porch after dark to bring them out one by one (not a pretty sight, I assure you) or 3) I play the Pied Piper with a snow shovel and some sunflower seeds. Less stress for them, I get some excercise... and we all sleep better.
frozen-in-her-tracks....completely helpless...it's a big liability when you're a chicken


Shell said...

We shovel for our birds too. They hate snow. Poor things. LOL

Betty said...

I'm laughing because I don't have chickens! Sukie you are too funny.


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