Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Make Soft Cheese!

I've been a little behind getting the 2009 schedule onto the website even though my own 2009 calendar has been filled for over a month. Time to transfer the data!!First things first...let's eat! Saturday, March 7 from 10- 12:30 pm : Let’s Make Soft Cheese! First cheesemaking class offered in 2009! It's so easy to make fresh soft cheese with cow or goat milk and culture. We will go through the simple processes of making a fresh cheese like Chevre’ or Fromage Blanc. Unlike cheese that needs to be aged and carefully tended for months, fresh cheeses are ready to eat within a day and can be easily incorporated into any kitchen routine using basic kitchen equipment. After the basics are discussed and demonstrated, we will get our hands pleasantly 'dirty' by rolling freshly made cheese into fresh chopped herbs and toasted almonds. At the end of the class we will taste a variety of herbed cheeses served with fresh baked whey bread, fruits, nuts and beverages!! Informational handouts and resource list included. Packets of culture and basic supplies will be available for purchase. The cost for this class is $50 and will include a copy of Ricki Carroll’s Book “Home Cheese Making” and one packet of culture of your choice!! Register early…this class has been wildly popular!


Rosemary said...

Hi Susan~
Hope your Soft Cheese making class is a success! Should be fun... and tasty!
BTW, Susanna and Nancy of Rosemary's Sampler have tagged you for the 6th Picture Meme. Hope you will be able to find some free time to play!

Ellen said...

At first I thought wow sure looks warm in PA ;o
Then I thought cows too?
Love the shoes on the milk maid!

Warm cheese by a fireplace toasting almonds mmmmmm
what a great scent and treat!

kansasrose said...

Can ya do a virtual cheese class along with the real one? I'd be interested to sign up for one. I have 3 very pregger nannies.

Susan said...

Woman, you just gave me somethin' to chew on!!


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