Monday, December 22, 2008

Room with a View

the loft with cathedral ceiling

the noisy downstairs neighbors with open kitchen, six nesting boxes and free range toilet facilities. I feel a little interior decorating urge coming on.This is Heidi, the two headed Black Australorp hen. She's hiding out here on the the farm after running away from the carnival last year. She is very shy and rarely photographed.


Peppy said...

Nice Hinkel House! Soup sounds good too. Might try that sometime

Aunt Jenny said...

LOVE the new hen house!!! My hens would be so jealous!!
The soup sounds wonderful! It has been snowing all day here...but not as cold as the last couple days...kept some of the in-laws in Calif for one more day (flight delayed) too..heeheee.
We didn't get any power outages yet. I sure hope if we do I have a soup started!!
Have a great Christmas..even with things not exactly traditional. I will be missing my 3 biggest boys..2 will be in Calif and one in Austria..visiting a special girl. Sigh.


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