Saturday, November 1, 2008

Smokin' Great Day on the Farm

Yesterday brought the long anticipated "Incense and Herbal Bead" Love -In with Twisted Sisters: Essential Herbal Queen Tina Sams and her talented jewelery-making sister Maryanne Schwartz of Torch Song Studio. With all that laughter, patchouli and rose petal dust settling down around us and Crosby Stills Nash and Young's De' ja Vu playing as background, how could we possibly go wrong? We were blessed with attendance of many friends from near and far. Most notably, a hippie love bus meandering it's way down to the low country from the Bronx, with dear internet friend Rosanne "Roe" Tartaro (SunRose Aromatics) at the wheel and Johanna and 'Hippie Fairy Lover' Kathi in tow. So special to finally meet them all! Here are some snapshots of the was a gas, gas, gas! Peace, Love and Herbs, Dear Readers. These are the days that will change the world, one fragrant step at a time...
Tina, trying to beat me to the blog punch...yeah, she won.

All creatures great and small were diggin' the vibe in the kitchen...lemon verbena loving lap cat and shaggy chickens snooping by the back door.

Grinding the Dragon's Blood resin (Sanguis draconis)

My patchouli cone 'soldiers' are drying very nicely!!

Rose petal beads above- lemon verbena beads and virginia creeper berries below
Roe: "pssst, might I interest you in some of my special vintage patchouli oil stash, Tina?"
Tina: "Smile for the blog, Roe"


kansasrose said...

GROOOOVY! Where's them black light posters hon? no Hendrix? Joplin? Ahhhh...incense peppermints. Have you ever made beads from rose petals? rosary?

Tina Sams said...

OMG - Great blog! And I love, love, love that last pic - and the one of the cat in Carol's lap.

Susan said...

Jenny, I made those pink rose beads yesterday. They smell divine!!

Aunt Jenny said...

Once again..I sure wish I lived closer to you!!! Looks like such a good time. I made rose petal beads once.....LOVED that. Thanks for the reminder..I bet my girls would love to do that sometime. Of course I had a rose garden then (in Calif) and not now...but I think I could come up with some petals in spring.
I bet your place smelled fabulous!!!

kansasrose said...

Ya know hon I had a tiny incense burner similar to the one in your photo in the early 70's. I burned them patchouli cones till my parents gagged on the smell. :)sometime could ya post instruction on the rose beads? Burchcat looks blissed out.


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