Monday, November 3, 2008

Incense Making Kit for You!!

To commemorate the wonderful incense making class on Saturday, yours truly went hunting and gathering a fine variety of yummy botanical supplies to incorporate into our cones ((never really a problem, that kinda shopping)) I'd like to share the wealth of my discoveries by offering a limited number of Incense Making Kits to my blog readers so that they can experience the pleasure of creating their own incense for personal use or holiday gift giving. Each of the following ingredients has been weighed into one ounce packages to mix and match to create a nice variety of incense 'flavors'. The Kit will provide you with everything you need to make a number of batches. You just supply an electric coffee grinder, mortar and pestle or hammer and paper bag, your choice. You'll need one of these tools to grind up the resinous pieces of sweet myrrh, copal and dragon's blood (see photo). The Incense Making Kit sells for $25 plus shipping. You'll also need Tina's tiny book (see post below) for the very best concise directions.
The Kit contains one ounce packages of each of the following:
~Red Sandalwood Powder-use this neutral wood powder as your base and add more fragrant herbs and /or resins to this
~Frankincense Powder-centering oneself for meditation, and for purification of self or space
~Orris Root Powder (This will 'fix' the scent and keep it from escaping from the finished incense)
~Patchouli Powder- good 'earthiness' and grounding energy
~Dragon's Blood Resin-calming, dispersing negative energy,strongly antiseptic (good for sick rooms)
~Copal Resin- purification
~Sweet Myrrh (Opopanax) Resin-good for centering and meditation
~Saltpetre (This is the spark necessary to keep it burning well)
~Tragacanth Gum (This is the 'glue' that holds it all together)

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Thanks Suebabe! Gonna check 'er out now. :D


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