Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday Pepper Fest

Before the MAN was known as simply the MAN, he was known as the Pepper Man (or the bread man or brew man ... you get the idea) He is the MAN at just about anything he puts his Taurus head to. Horns, I mean head down, full steam ahead. There's just no stoppin' him when he starts a project. Here is his annual jalapeño harvest...hundreds, no lie. When we met, his first gift to me wasn't candy or roses, it was a jar of his pickled hot peppers...heavily laced with his own homegrown garlic and coriander...that he canned himself. Impressed, was I? uh, y-e-a-h. His process is still impressive but I know now to stay outa the kitchen when he sets forth on this project. He has his own way and I find something else to do. I'm sure I've mentioned before that he always leaves the kitchen better than he found it. The final count: 34 pints jalapeños, 12 half pints jalapeños with one habanero and 2 quart jars of jalapenos with extra extra habaneros . There's gotta be someone out there who could tolerate that kinda heat. It's not me.

See this pretty string of tiny Thai bird peppers? This was my crafty pepper project for Sunday afternoon while I watched Shaun of the Dead , the British cult horror-comedy-romance film with Simon Pegg. It is an acquired taste, but the kids and I love to watch his movies. So silly.

I nearly forgot to mention all the cayennes drying in the basement.In a few weeks the MAN will go to it again and grind them all into his highly anticipated "Fire Dust". That will be a day for me to leave the house entirely so there will likely be no photos. You seriously need a mask to survive that project. 'Fire Dust' has faithful 'hothead' followers who buy it for stocking stuffers and their own stash. For all that work, it's quickly gone by the end of December. I think we counted once that it takes thirty ground cayenne peppers to fill a 1 ounce jar with powder. Killer stuff.


Aunt Jenny said...

I just love pretty and so useful. Wow..I wish MY man left the kitchen even half as nice as HE found it..not gonna happen here..haha. I love pickled peppers...but not the super hot ones either!
Love that string of thai peppers too...pretty!!!!! I chopped and froze bags and bags of peppers for winter this year..and used alot in my salsa..but didn't manage to get a single jar pickled like most years...oh well. There is always next year, right?
Have a great week!! I am enjoying ICED faux joe is a nice mild afternoon.

kansasrose said...

WOW!!! Your MAN rocks out the pepper production! What is his secret? My peppers were pathetic this season. These are gorgeous. Holy moley those would make gallons of kick *** chili hon! Not to mention the cayenne spice powder. I'm droolin' here. :)

kansasrose said...

And your man even cleans up his mess. Now that kicks it. ;)


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