Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Sky is Cryin'.....

Hit that play button, will ya? I want you to feel my glorious pain....LOL.  After two hours of chopping horseradish root, onions, garlic and ginger the tears are flowing furious in this old kitchen this morning. Whooo, that final touch of the eye with cayenne pepper juice was the icing on the cake that is my Fire Cider called "Dragon's Delight" Tasty Tonic Vinegar. What I won't go through for the love of my appreciative customers !! Two more gallons of the dynamite stuff is finished and put away for later bottling in about 4 weeks. I took this weepy opportunity to miss my hockey boy just a little more...and how he does love the late blues icon SRV. This was the perfect song to have cranking while I chopped my roots. But wipe those eyes, Momma!! The New Hampshire Monarchs meet the Philadelphia Blazers this weekend in Philly, so we'll get to catch a glimpse of the Boy with his new team playing against his former teamates!

1 comment:

Aunt Jenny said...

Oooh..I am a fan of the dragon tonic!! I will have to order more soon. It does pack a punch!!


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