Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just a Little Bit Longer

It's hard to tell from the photo but this Brown Turkey Fig tree started out in May as a rather pathetic little stick with two leaves on it. It was literally no bigger than six inches tall. By October it had grown to nearly five feet tall with four sturdy branches and over forty figs !! What a huge surprise!It was planted in an oversized pot (I thought at the time) but apparently the MAN's compost must have been the right planting medium. A few weeks ago, I worried about the coming of frost and the still unripened figs, so the two of us loaded it into the jumbo wheelbarrow and hauled it into the greenhouse. Been reading all kinds of internet info on getting the figs to ripen...I am determined not to lose them. I am willing them to ripen by also collecting fresh fig recipes. Keep your fingers crossed, will you?
FIG UPDATE: GOT ONE!! It's a tiny baby, but perfectly ripe and sweet.
The MAN and I each got a half. FYI...I gobbled mine. He savored his in a few tiny bites.


Aunt Jenny said...

Oh my.....what a pretty little tree. MY grandma had a fig tree in her backyard when I was growing up. I love them. I don't think they can grow here..I wonder if it is the high altitude or the cold winter? Hmmmm. I know someone who has a kumquat tree not far from here that she brings inside in wintertime. If I ever get my little greenhouse built I want to have citrus and a fig tree.
Lucky you!!!

kansasrose said...

MMMMMM! Looks fabulous hon! I got a terrific roasted fig/mesculan salad recipe I'll post today for your special day. You've inspired me to plant a fig tree someday.


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