Monday, September 15, 2008

David Winston returns to the Farm

Funny thing about herb walks with herbalist, David Winston...he goes wherever the plants call to him. And they happened to call him ( and 25 people who hung on his every word) directly away from my yard and gardens to the edge of the pasture and the compost pile!!! I know there is a great variety of wild things growing there to speak of but in 90 degree heat, the compost pile was not where I would have entertained a crowd. He eventually meandered back into the garden to talk about cultivated herbs, but by that time it was the smells of our lunch that was calling to everyone!
David loves to be surrounded by herbs and useful weeds. He found them all here in my garden.
Sharing the herb garden with others...I love when that happens.I have the best job.
Look at that spread, will ya? With many helping hands this weekend, a fab lunch was prepared for all to enjoy.Grilled curried salmon, elderberry chutney, oven roasted potatoes, warm quinoa salad, baby green beans with shiitakes and edamame, locally baked sourdough breads with herb butter and an heirloom tomato and corn salad served over fresh greens.
fine dining on the porch
ahhh, don't forget dessert.

The herb kitchen transformed into packed classroom and screening room to hear David speak about a very pertinent issue here in PA: "Treating Lyme Disease with Orthodox and Complimentary Therapies"Many, many thanks to my kitchen helpers! It wouldn't have been the great day it was without you Hilda, Tara and Carol. Also, can't forget the MAN who did all the MAN-ly grunt work outside, kept the chickens at bay, parked cars and pulled a forgotten slide projector out of his...umm, hat at the last moment. whew! Great herbalist with great slides and no projector would have been a HUGE farm faux' pau.

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kansasrose said...

Looks like a great afternoon of food and herbal fellowship. Yes, Suebabe ya put on quite a feast! I'd be crashin' if I was a neighbor. I noticed you all don't have any pesky flies in PA. If I take pics of food/picnics spreads in the KS summer heat and you can see flies everywhere if the eats are outdoors in the country!

My 10 year old nephew ( the SIL that lives in Westchester) had a bout with lyme disease this summer. Scarey...he made a full recovery thank heavens. Bad bad ticks. Be careful hon!


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